7-25-19-lewis farm 2019

Photos from the annual antique farm implement demo at the Lewis farm, Markham Ontario
D721515 D721517 D721531 D721533
D721537 D721539 D721546 D721543
D721552 D721554 D721557 D721560
D721562 D721563 D721564 D721565
D721573 D721579 D721580 D721583
D721588 IGP0431 IGP0432 IGP0433
IGP0434 IGP0435 IGP0436 IGP0437
IGP0438 IGP0442 IGP0446 IGP0449
IGP0453 IGP0456 IGP0459 IGP0460
IGP0462 IGP0464 IGP0466 IGP0467
IGP0468 IGP0473 IGP0475 IGP0478
IGP0481 IGP0483 IGP0486 IGP0489